Bonjour Princesse

Indubitably, Paris is a city that every women dreams of visiting. To me, it’s a city that screams romance and elegance in all aspects; and of course my attire today was inspired by this beautiful city. I love the new trend of the berets. They fascinate me in every way. Especially because I imagine that I’m […]

Los Domingos son para…..

Quien puede decirle NO a los jeans rotos y camisetas? Indiscutiblemente, me encanta este atuendo. Es uno de los looks más cómodos y favoritos que yo eh utilizado. Si pudiera ponerme este atuendo todo los días, yo seria extremadamente FELIZ. Podemos agregarle un toque femenino como decidí yo con estas zapatillas que son unas clásicas […]

Salute to Life 🍷

As we all know, every day is a new beginning, a new opportunity to be better than what we were yesterday.  We worry so much about the negativity, about  people, about being accepted, about  if we are “good enough”, that we forget one thing,  and  it’s TO LIVE. As Bob Marley said “Love the life you live, live the life you LOVE.”

Let’s toast because we are ALIVE, for health, for family, for friends, for the good experiences and the bad ones, for the ones who makes us laugh and the ones who makes us cry.  Let’s toast to happinness, to sorrow.

Let’s be happy and express joy over the accomplishments of others and just dance to the rhythm of life…

Last but certaily not least, let’s not forget to smile more, it will rejuvenate the soul.

(Wine tasting at Raphaels Vineyard)


OOTD – My love for Walls

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Hello beautiful people 🙂

On a recent family trip to Canada, I came to realization my love for walls. lol  I have to confess guys that I CANNOT pass by a wall and not think of posing for a picture. hahaha  I’m not sure if I should pursue my love for photography or just keep  living the moment of “model wanna be”(I CAN’T stop laughing, seriously).  Is sooo crazy because my entire family makes fun of me, “oh no, another wall” they say;  however, this is something I truly enjoy.  Being in front or behind the camera snapping a pic has always been my passion, of course one of my many passions. ( I also feel passionate about makeup)  Sometimes is not about what your wearing but where you are at the exact moment.  Snapping a picture that you can cherish forever.  After all, once we get old, all we have left is our memory and pictures.

Like they  say, enjoy every moment of your life; even if the person next to you thinks your being silly.  I love what I do, but most of all, I HAVE FUN WITH IT. 🙂 snap snap snap




🌸🌸Coachella Vibes🌸🌸

Hola my dear readers and welcome back to another blog post (agh I really have to change my intro). 🤦🏻‍♀️  but for now WELCOME back to what I call “Makeup look of the week”. This look was inspired by the famous music festival, Coachella; and even though I’m not atteding coachella, creating a look was as much fun as attending. So get your pots and pans on the stove, and start writing down the ingredients…

Product detail 

  • Bare Minerals Prime Time “primer”
  • Mac soft ochre paint pot “primer”
  • NYX Total Control foundation “f11”
  • Model co. Blush “peach bellini” for the eyes
  • Mac pigment in “primary yellow” for the crease and under my water line
  • Urban decay “midnight cowboy” glitter liner.
  • The black eyeliner is from “stila”
  • Lashes are koko lashes style “scarlet”
  • Lime crime liquid lipstick in “bleached”
  • Blue liner is from Tarte in the shade “mint”

Mix all of these ingredients in a pot, add some flowers and this is the result, enjoy 😉


Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

Let me start by saying that I am jumping of joy because “you” finally decided to give us a break from the rain and cold weather. Whoop, whoop as “whatwhouldLizzydo” would say. Hahaha

Anyhow, HOLA my dear readers, and welcome back to another blog post. I’m not sure if you could relate, however I’m so ready to put away all of my of winter clothing and bring out all of my spring-summer items; which by the way are usually very colorful.  Yeeees, colorful items brings a smile to my face, and I looove it. 🙂

For some reason or other, every time I wear something bright, my soul jumps of joy. Is like it could sense happiness, or maybe the beautiful weather. Especially when I wear pink. Did I mentioned that I love pink? No joke, I’ve been obsessing over the color pink lately.  I love anything pink specially if it’s a blazer (wink wink). So Mother Nature, this “OOTD” is dedicated to you, THANK YOU for this beautiful weather and please make my spring and summer worthwhile.